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Saving Drivers One Ticket at a Time

Don’t pay that citation. You don't go to court.

  • Keep points from your driving record
  • Save your job, save you money, and keep your freedom
  • Keep insurance rates affordable
  • Save time, stay out of court and avoid embarrassment

For over 20 years...

TicketWarrior Traffic Ticket Attorneys and Speeding Ticket Lawyers who Fight all Traffic matters. We have successfully defended thousands of traffic offenses throughout the nation with a success rate of 92%. With TicketWarrior chances in every case are very high for a successful result such as:

  • Complete dismissal
  • Not guilty verdict
  • No points
  • No fine
  • Reduced charges
  • No insurance increases
  • No license suspension

Why Hire TicketWarrior

We are Real Lawyers Doing Battle in the Courtroom. At TicketWarrior you are represented by the best traffic attorney near you, not a hand-off to some unknown lawyer who happens to be in the courtroom when your case is called by the judge. TicketWarrior lawyers have decades of experience in the courtroom and are not beginners or newbies. You are a Client, not just a Citation Number. When you call our office or send us an inquiry on the web, your case is evaluated by an experienced traffic attorney. From that point on you interact with your attorney who provides individualized representation and you are kept current on the progress of your case.

TicketWarrior is aggressive, relentless, and most experienced in fighting traffic matters in every U.S. court.

Every case receives our best individual attention and we treat your case as if it is the most important one. We keep you informed all the way. If you care about the outcome of your traffic matter, TicketWarrior can help because “We Save Drivers One Ticket at a Time”

TicketWarrior specializes in defending Commercial, truck drivers and non-commercial drivers alike in speeding tickets, red light violations, red light camera ticket, log book violations, passing the scales, suspended license, points on driving record, and serious cases such as driving over 100 mph, reckless driving and DUI charges. TicketWarrior prevents license suspensions and works hard to reinstate suspended licenses. If you failed to appear in court or have any other traffic matter that would affect your drivers license, contact us.

We Handle ALL Traffic Cases

  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies

If a law enforcement officer gives you a piece of paper telling you to go to court because something happened with a motor vehicle under your control, you qualify as our client. Click on the section “contact us” and we can talk about specific offenses, your particular situation, infraction, misdemeanor or felony. If you are a commercial driver, be sure to click on “CDL or Commercial”.

We Represent Drivers in every Court in the State of California. Our practice is unique because we represent clients in many of the lesser populated counties and towns, not just the major metropolitan cities. Many of these jurisdictions have no local traffic attorneys. For over 20 years we have become familiar with these courts, including court staff, traffic court procedures, and some of the traffic officers who prosecute their tickets.

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