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TicketWarrior Traffic Ticket Attorneys and Speeding Ticket Lawyers who Fight all Traffic matters. We have successfully defended thousands of traffic offenses throughout the nation with a success rate of 91%. With TicketWarrior chances in every case are very high for a successful result such as:

  • Complete dismissal
  • Not guilty verdict
  • No points
  • No fine
  • Reduced charges
  • No insurance increases
  • No license suspension

TicketWarrior is in the business of saving drivers one ticket at a time.

Why Hire TicketWarrior

Why Hire TicketWarrior? Because they are Real Lawyers Doing Battle in the Courtroom. At TicketWarrior you are represented by the best traffic attorney near you, not a hand-off to some unknown lawyer who happens to be in the courtroom when your case is called by the judge. TicketWarrior lawyers have decades of experience in the courtroom and are not beginners or newbies. You are a Client, not just a Citation Number. When you call our office or send us an inquiry on the web, your case is evaluated by an experienced traffic attorney. From that point on you interact with your attorney who provides individualized representation and you are kept current on the progress of your case.

We Handle ALL Traffic Cases

  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies

If a law enforcement officer gives you a piece of paper telling you to go to court because something happened with a motor vehicle under your control, you qualify as our client. Click on the section “contact us” where we talk about specific offenses, your particular situation, infraction, misdemeanor or felony. If you are a commercial driver, be sure to click on “CDL or Commercial”.

Traffic cases can be a traffic citation (infraction) or a misdemeanor such as DUI, reckless driving, exhibition of speed (speed contests), hit and run, evasion of a peace officer, driving without a valid license, or driving while license is suspended. Some traffic-related offenses can be charged as a felony, such as DUI, hit and run, evasion, reckless driving. To be charged with a vehicular felony, the law usually requires injury or death of a person other than the accused. As a felony, we handle felonies involving the charge of assault with a deadly weapon if the vehicle is intentionally used as a weapon ("road rage"). We have decades of experience serving as advocates for clients charged with vehicular felony and misdemeanor offenses.

We Represent Drivers in every Court in the State of California. Our practice is unique because we represent clients in many of the lesser populated counties and towns, not just the major metropolitan cities in California. Many of these jurisdictions have no local traffic attorneys. For over 20 years we have become familiar with these courts, including court staff, traffic court procedures, and some of the traffic officers who prosecute their tickets. [Caution: When it is to our client's advantage, we will exercise our client's right to a transfer the case to another court or the county seat of the county where their ticket is pending. We do this if it is strategically in our clients favor to do so.

We Defend

The formula is simple: Good Driving Record = $$$ in your pocket.

Don’t pay the your traffic citation, call us first to discuss how we can help at no charge. As the best commercial driver’s license (CDL) lawyers we turn the odds in your favor. Our flat fees are often less than the fine and you get the benefits of expert advice and the best representation. If your court date has passed our aggressive traffic lawyer can get your case back on track, keep points off your record, and keep you working. The best way to lower CSA scores is citation defense by a knowledgeable hard-hitting traffic lawyer. TicketWarrior is the best you can get.

Avoid gimmicks and stay away from amateurs who gamble with your livelihood. We offer a one-time, reasonable flat fee and it will always cost you less in the long run. You don’t have to go to court and we eliminate your worry and the burden by putting decades of experience and knowledge at your disposal. In most cases, we can protect your driving record, prevent points, reduce the fines, and avoid suspension or revocation of your CDL.

We handle all moving and non-moving violations in all California courts. These are just a few of the violations we vigorously defend as commercial traffic lawyers:

  • Parking in Prohibited Areas
  • Downhill and All Speeding Violations
  • Failure to Stop (Signs and Lights), Camera Tickets
  • Illegal Turns
  • Following Too Close
  • Driving in Wrong Lane
  • Disobeying Traffic Control Devices (including inspection stations)
  • Logbook Violations
  • Weight Violations
  • Permit Violations
  • Equipment Violations
  • Using Hand-Held devices while operating a CMV
  • Driving Prohibited Route
  • Bypassing Weight Scale
  • Truck Accident Citations
  • Suspension/Revocation of CDL

Human nature tells us to act responsibly. So when we are cited for a traffic violation, human instinct causes us to pay our bills on time and respect authority. When we find out the amount of the fine, our logic tells us to pay the fine and avoid time missed from work. But one state supreme court reported that over 20% of all radar based speeding tickets were based on invalid radar readings. Some Radar critics say that the percentage of invalid readings is closer to 35 % meaning that over 9 million invalid speeding citations are issued every year.

The lowest cost of a traffic case is the fine. But -once points are assigned to a driving record, the motorist discovers the loss of hundreds of dollars with increased insurance premiums. They also find their j.ob at risk, and they have difficulty in getting the job they want. Points on your record can prevent you from renting a car. The courts, the police and your insurance company keep you in the dark about defending your ticket with a lawyer because they know that those who fight their tickets will almost always get a better deal. If the case is not dismissed outright, most drivers represented by TicketWarrior the experienced traffic lawyer nearby, will pay a lower fine and avoid points on their record.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence and/or driving a motor vehicle with 0.08% or more as a blood alcohol concentration, you need to call a DUI lawyer as soon as you are released from custody. The clock is ticking on your driver’s license suspension under California’s snatch n’ grab law and valuable surveillance camera footage must be preserved. The first 24 hours is critical. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to move fast and prepare your case. If you do not challenge the license suspension within 10 days after your arrest, your driving privilege will be suspended for at least four months unless you install an expensive ignition interlock device.

Quality representation requires a team to challenge blood and breath test results, obtain dash-cam and body-cam recordings made by law enforcement and where possible, try to keep damaging evidence out of court by arguing your rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. Thorough investigation and cutting-edge experts are required to achieve a victory in court or before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). That’s where experience and dedication make a difference in the outcome of a DUI case. The lawyers at TicketWarrior have decades of hard-hitting experience defending motorists accused of drunk driving with proven results.


Speeding tickets are costly, put points on your driving record, and cause auto insurance rates to increase drastically. That’s why you need a seasoned traffic ticket lawyer who excels in speeding ticket defense, especially if you are cited on Highway 46, Highway 58, Highway 99, I-5 and other target rich highways. A driver is challenged if his or her ticket is handled in high-impact courts such as Bakersfield, Lamont, or Shafter. The Highway Patrol is resuming aggressive traffic enforcement and is devoting maximum resources aimed at writing tickets as often as possible in a post-COVID-19 environment now that the courts are open.

lf you get "zapped" by an intersectional camera, the fine can be almost $500 plus points on your record causing serious increases in auto insurance and threats to your employment. We know all the angles of a solid camera ticket defense such as the photos do not qualify as a match to the photo on your driver's license, the camera wasn't working properly, you ran the light to avoid an accident, the settings for the duration of the yellow light were too short or you weren't the driver. We can demand proof that the red light camera device was working properly on the day the photo evidence was collected and the ticket issued. We can usually demonstrate that the device was not working correctly that day. If you think about it, why would you want to appear at the trial and have the judge and the officer look at you and make a comparison with the photos?

Driving on a suspended driver’s license is a criminal offense, not a traffic matter. Drivers who are charged with this type of case are prosecuted by the county district attorney. A conviction of this offense not only appears on your driving record but will create a criminal record also. If you are charged with this type of crime, you need an experienced suspended license attorney. The law imposes jail sentences for many of these cases.

Our top-rated suspended license attorneys go many steps further than most traffic lawyers when we aggressively defend suspended license cases. We work with our clients to reinstate their driver’s licenses before we negotiate their cases in court. The courts are most likely to reduce the serious misdemeanor case of driving on a suspended driver’s license under Vehicle Code 14601 if the client is lawfully entitled to drive. This way the driver can avoid a misdemeanor conviction, a criminal record, and points assigned to their driving record.

Many suspended driver’s license cases are caused by failing to appear (FTA) on a traffic ticket. Sometimes, our clients have more than one FTA causing their license to be suspended. We go the extra mile to clear up FTA traffic cases to immediately reinstate our clients drivers license and reduce a misdemeanor to an infraction in some cases. Many driver’s licenses are suspended because of a DUI conviction or driving outside of a restriction that was placed on the license or a DMV suspension because of a medical issue. You can also lose your driver’s license if you are classified by DMV as a “negligent operator” or having too many points on your record because of traffic violations. In many of these cases we initiate action with DMV by immediately setting an interview or hearing with the DMV.

Many drivers get their licenses reinstated after the DMV hearing. These situations are covered by Vehicle Code sections 14601, 14601.1, 14601.2, or 1401.5. If you have prior cases of driving on a suspended license, you could be sentenced to jail depending on the number of prior convictions you have.

You didn’t take care of that ticket in Bakersfield, Lamont, Mojave, Los Angeles, Sacramento, or any other California county or court, TicketWarrior can help you get back on track. When the mail arrives, you are anxious to see if the DMV has sent you a notice of a suspended driver’s license because of failure to appear. It’s just a matter of time before they do. Don’t be an unnecessary victim of the California traffic courts. If you have a traffic ticket that has gone FTA, let a top traffic lawyer get rid of your stress, especially if the FTA is under VC 40508. Call right now and make your problem our problem. We know how to act fast and we can provide immediate relief.

Another way the DMV controls you and will suspend drivers’ licenses is for Failure to Pay (FTP). FTP is when you are obligated or the DMV says you obligated to pay a certain amount of money on a citation and you don’t pay that amount when due. The DMV will suspend your driver’s license for not following through with that payment. The remedy for FTP is by

  1. paying what they say you owe
  2. showing by proof that you do not owe what they say you owe
  3. showing by proof they have made a mistake and getting them to acknowledge their mistake

If you are cited for speeding over 100 miles per hour under California Vehicle Code 22348(b), you are facing some of the same penalties imposed for DUI charges: Suspension of license for up to 30 days, 2 points hanging on your driving record for 10 years, fines between $800 and $2100. These convictions can cost jobs and cause insurance rates to skyrocket. Success depends on getting a top traffic lawyer with decades of hard-hitting experience, who practice in the local court system on a daily base. Our over 100 mph ticket defense team can take advantage of the process and turn a serious traffic citation violation into dismissal or reduced charge.

If you face charges of reckless driving, California Vehicle Code section 23103, you need a skilled criminal and traffic defense attorney because of steep fines, license suspension, two points assigned to your driving record (the same as a DUI conviction) and even jail time. With decades of experience, we can mount aggressive defenses against a reckless driving charge. As reckless driving attorneys we often challenge the prosecution’s case by raising a reasonable doubt that our client was the driver or that our client acted out of necessity to avoid a dangerous threat to his or her safety. Our track record shows courtroom victories where we successfully argued negligent driving is not the same as reckless driving.

California Vehicle Code 23109(a) makes it a misdemeanor to willfully participate in a speed contest. A “speed contest” is defined as a race of a person’s vehicle against another car, or against a clock. Depending on the circumstances, a defendant might be charged with both speed contests and reckless driving. These offenses require top notch reckless driving attorneys with experience in exhibition of speed cases. You can learn a lot more by calling our office and speak to a dedicated reckless driving attorney. You will profit from this phone consultation and learn your defense options

Caught Driving On A Suspended License?
You need an experienced traffic ticket lawyer because of the serious consequences, including a jail sentence and fines that can be imposed for this violation If you've been charged with Vehicle Code 14601 in the state of California, a traffic ticket lawyer can help you defend your case. We can present meaningful defenses such as:
The driver (you) were unaware of the license suspension because DMV, the court, or law enforcement failed to notify you pursuant to state law;
The original suspension was invalid;
The driver was a visitor to California who holds a valid license in their state or country;
The driver was legally exempt from having to have a license;
The driver was not driving;
The driver had a driver's license not in their immediate possession; and
The driver had the right to drive under his or her suspended license.

Caught Fleeing or Evading an Officer?
If, while driving a vehicle, you willfully attempt to flee from an officer in pursuit of you in a motor vehicle or bicycle, you can be charged with a misdemeanor crime under California Vehicle Code 2800.1 and you face:
A sentence of up to 364 days in county jail (PC 672);
A fine of up to $1000;
Suspension of your drivers’ license for up to 6 months. (CVC 13201(d)); and/or
Impoundment of your vehicle for up to 30 days (CVC §14602.7(a)).

Caught with Unlawful Use of a Handicap Placard?
Under California Vehicle Code 4461, you can be charged with misdemeanor misuse of a handicap placard under any of the following circumstances:
You loaned a validly issued disability placard to someone who is not authorized to use or own such a placard;
You knowingly allowed another person who is not entitled to use a disability placard to use one;
You used a disability parking placard that was issued to someone else, or one that was cancelled or revoked; or
You drove someone else’s car that has a valid disability placard and then parked in a reserved handicap parking spot.
If convicted of this crime, you face:
A maximum fine of up to $1000; and/or
A sentence of up to 6 months in county jail;
In addition, the court may impose a penalty of $100 imposed under CVC 4461.3, or a fine of up to $1500 for each additional conviction.

Caught Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License?
Under California Vehicle Code 12500(a), you are prohibited from driving in California without a valid driver’s license. In order for it to be valid, your driver’s license must be valid for:
The state in which you live; and
The type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, commercial truck, etc.) that you are driving.
If charged with a misdemeanor crime of driving without a valid drivers’ license, you face:
Up to six months in county jail;
A maximum $1,000 fine; and/or
Impoundment of your car for 30 days.
Under California Vehicle Code 14607.6 and 14607.8, the court must inform you upon a first conviction that your motor vehicle is subject to forfeiture if you drive without a valid driver’s license on a highway in California. This law applies if you are the registered owner of the vehicle and have a prior misdemeanor conviction for a violation of Vehicle Code sections: 12500(a), 14601, 14601.1, 14601.2, 14601.3, 14601.4, or 14601.5.

Caught with Hit and Run Causing Property Damage?
California Vehicle Code section 20002 VC covers misdemeanor hit and run. This section makes it a crime to flee the scene of an accident, without stopping and providing your information, when the accident caused damage to other vehicles or property. Misdemeanor hit and run is punishable by up to 6 months in jail, fines of up to $1000.00, restitution to the victims for any property damage, and 2 points on the person’s California driving record.

The distinction between misdemeanor and felony hit and run turns on whether or not someone was injured. If the accident only causes property damage, then the state can only file misdemeanor charges. If the victim of the hit and run suffers bodily injury or death, then felony hit and run under Vehicle Code 20001 VC may be charged. Please see our page dedicated specifically to this type of crime.

California law requires a driver involved in an accident (that causes property damage or injuries) to stop at the nearest safe location and:
locate the owner(s) of the other vehicle(s)
present one’s drivers license and vehicle registration, if requested
present the current residence address of the driver and the registered owner
if the owner of the other vehicle is not present, leave a note in a conspicuous place with one’s address information and explaining the circumstances of the accident
Examples of hit and run:
Colliding with another vehicle and then driving away
Hitting and damaging a light pole and fleeing the scene
Striking a parked car and not leaving a note for the owner
There are several legal defenses that a person can raise if accused of a crime under Vehicle Code 20002. These include showing that:
There was no property damage,
The defendant did not realize there was a collision, and/or
the defendant was misidentified
A violation of VC 20002 is charged as a misdemeanor in California (as opposed to a felony or an infraction).
The crime is punishable by:
Imprisonment in county jail for up to six months, and/or
a maximum fine of $1,000.
In lieu of jail time, a judge may award a defendant with misdemeanor (or summary probation).

1. You Were Not Driving the Vehicle Involved
Only the driver of a vehicle can be prosecuted for hit and run. If your attorney can establish that someone else was driving the vehicle at the time of the collision, you have a valid hit and run defense.

2. You Did Not Willfully Leave the Scene
You have a valid hit and run defense if you did not willfully leave the scene of the accident. For example, you were knocked unconscious in the course of the accident, and one of your passengers panicked, pushed you out of the driver’s seat, and sped away. Although a hit and run occurred while you had been driving, your failure to stop was not willful.

3. You Did Not Willfully Fail to Provide Required Information
One of your most important responsibilities when you are involved in a traffic collision is to exchange information with the other parties involved. You are required to give your name, address, and the vehicle’s registration number to anyone involved, as well as to law enforcement on the scene. If you were unable to exchange information for reasons beyond your control, you have a valid hit and run defense.

For example, while driving your car, you are injured in a traffic accident and become incapacitated. Your passenger fears for your safety and decides that you need immediate medical attention. He or she drives you away to the hospital before you exchange information with the other parties involved. Therefore, your failure to provide required information was not willful.

4. You Have No Knowledge of Any Damage
The element of “knowing” or “reasonably should have known” the accident caused any damage is open to subjective interpretation. Your TicketWarrior criminal defense attorney may be able to show that you had no knowledge that damage occurred as a result of the accident.

Caught with Reckless Driving?
Under California Vehicle Code 23103, “a person who drives a vehicle upon a highway in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.”

If you are convicted of this crime, you face:

A sentence of up to 90 days in county jail; and/or
A fine of up to $1,000.
In addition, the court may suspend your driver’s license for up to 30 days upon a first conviction, up to 60 days upon a second conviction, and up to 6 months upon any subsequent conviction. (CVC 13200).
Please see our page dedicated specifically to this type of crime.

Some of the more serious traffic misdemeanors include:

Failure to stop and submit to law enforcement inspection of equipment, an unsafe condition, or other safety violations;
Refusing to present a license when requested by an officer;
Causing bodily injury with a vehicle after a license has been suspended or revoked;
Driving the wrong way on a divided highway (can also be charged as a felony);
Reckless driving leading to bodily injury;
Engaging in a race with another vehicle on a public highway, including racing which leads to bodily injury;
Throwing any substance at another vehicle or vehicle occupant on a public highway;
Possession of alcohol in a vehicle by anyone under 21;
Possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle (if third or subsequent violation);
For individuals required to use ignition interlock devices: failure to install such a device within 30 days, or driving a vehicle without the device installed;
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (can also be charged as a felony).
If you are charged with a DUI, please see our pages dedicated specifically to these types of crimes.
Misdemeanor traffic offenses can carry stiff penalties. Some violations can carry fines of up to $10,000 and periods of incarceration anywhere from a few days to a year. The court may also impose other penalties, such as required enrollment in a substance abuse treatment program or other program, victim restitution, license suspension, and probation.

We Can Help You Can Fight a Traffic Misdemeanor Charge
Because a traffic misdemeanor is a crime, it must be taken seriously because it can create a criminal record with both DMV and the California Department of Justice. As such, the accused is entitled many rights under the United States Constitution such as the right to a trial by jury. A TicketWarrior lawyer can take advantage of your rights by forcing the prosecution to prove each and every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt and enforce the presumption that you are innocent until or if proven guilty in a court of law. A skilled traffic lawyer can craft an effective defense based on the individual facts of each case.

We have the experience and skills in court to keep the law on your side. If you are facing a traffic-related misdemeanor, hire a traffic ticket lawyer from TicketWarrior today.
The traffic defense attorneys at TicketWarrior have extensive experience defending people charged with criminal offenses. If you are facing charges for a misdemeanor traffic offense, call us for a free consultation at (661) 322-5833 or use our convenient online consultation request form right here on this website. Don’t make the mistake of fighting a criminal charge without the help of an experienced and capable traffic defense attorney.

Felony traffic offenses are the most serious type of traffic offenses carrying severe punishment including years in state prison. These offenses are criminal in nature and carry the potential of at least one (1) year of incarceration, with the potential for even life imprisonment. The most common felony traffic violations include the following:

Caught with Hit-and-Run Causing Injury or Death? 
Under California Vehicle Code 20001 – 20004, it is unlawful to leave the scene of an accident without first identifying yourself to the other people involved. If someone is injured or killed in the accident and you leave the scene, you face custodial time, license suspension or revocation a felony case.

A felony conviction for a hit-and-run causing injury or death is punishable by:
Two, three or four years is state prison or up to one year in county jail;
A maximum 10,000 fine; and/or
Suspension of your license for one year (CVC 13350(a)(3)).
Our clients have avoided felony convictions when we have demonstrated
1) Our client had no knowledge of any injury/death or, no knowledge of accident. Often, an injury isn’t apparent until well after an accident occurs.
2) Our client was unable to provide reasonable assistance.

Caught with DUI Causing Injury or Death?

If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury under VC 23153(a), the prosecution must prove that you drove a vehicle under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug or a combination of both. The State must also prove that when you drove, you also committed an illegal act or neglected to perform a legal duty; AND your illegal act or failure to perform a legal duty caused bodily injury to another person.
You are considered to be “driving under the influence” if your physical abilities are so impaired by an alcoholic beverage or a drug that you cannot operate motor vehicle with the same ordinary care as a sober, prudent person.

The driver can also charged with driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more causing injury under VC 23153(b). The prosecution must prove when at the time of driving, the driver’s BAC was 0.08% or higher and the same elements of proof required under Section 23152(a). If your BAC is 0.08% or greater at the time a chemical test is performed within 3 hours of your driving, a rebuttable presumption exists that you had a BAC of 0.08% or greater at the time of driving. Our attorneys have won many cases by demonstrating that the blood or breath test was not collected with the 3 hour period. They have also achieved victories in these cases because the cause of the accident could not be attributed to their clients or the state failed to prove our client was the driver.

You can also be charged with felony DUI if you are arrested for a fourth DUI offense within a 10 year period.

If you are convicted of a first-time DUI causing injury as a misdemeanor you face up to 364 days in county jail and fines of in excess of $2,000. Additionally, your driver’s license could be suspended for up to one year. Felony DUI causing injury carries up to four years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines. Your license could be revoked for up to five years for a felony DUI causing injury conviction.

Our attorneys know the strongest defenses to beat a VC 23153(a) or a VC 23153(b) charge.

Caught with a felony evasion charge?
Under California Vehicle Code section 2800.2, it is unlawful, while operating a motor vehicle, to flee or elude a police officer in a motor vehicle with the intent to evade, and in doing so, driving your vehicle with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. Evasion under VC 2800.2 can be prosecuted as either a felony or misdemeanor depending on the aggravating circumstances in the case. Evasion carries 2 points on the driver’s DMV driving record. As a felony, a prison sentence is possible for 16 months, 2 or 3 years.

Our evasion lawyers have been successful in defending these cases by demonstrating the driver did not intend to evade an officer or the evidence was insufficient to prove the driver drove recklessly. Favorable results came from defenses based on the illegality of the initial traffic stop or that the driver had good cause to escape possible harm.

Caught with a felony reckless driving charge?
California Vehicle Code section 23105 allows a criminal court to impose severe penalties for reckless driving offenses that involve any of the injuries listed in the section 23105 such as concussions, loss of consciousness, bone fractures, brain injuries, and paralysis. If punished as a felony, the driver faces 16 months to three years in prison. Our felony reckless driving lawyers have been successful in reducing felony reckless driving charges to misdemeanors to reduce the impact of the conviction such as jail and suspension of driving privileges. Many times our reckless driving lawyers win favorable results by demonstrating that our clients’ driving was situational or caused by unavoidable circumstances and not a desire to endanger the public or other motorists.

Caught with a “road rage “charge?
“Road rage” is when a motorist shows aggressive behavior towards other drivers or pedestrians. The cases we defend are usually based on accusations made by other motorists or pedestrians that our client was driving dangerously towards another driver to intimidate him or her. The charges can be filed as reckless driving – VC 23103; and/or assault with a deadly weapon – Penal Code section 245(a)(1). Using a motor vehicle as a deadly weapon can result in the revocation of a driver’s license for life. In less aggravated cases the suspension is for six months for a first offense and one year for a second or subsequent offense. (See Vehicle Code section 13210.)
TicketWarrior lawyers have successfully challenged DMV decisions to suspend a license for road rage in DMV administrative hearings.


A ticket for failure to obey a traffic control device could be issued for ignoring portable warning signs, failure to yield, stopping on the crosswalk, and many others. These citations are typically infractions and often easily defended by a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney. Many contested tickets result in a reduced no-point violation or outright dismissal when requested by a traffic law lawyer.

CDL Ticket: Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 21461, Offenses Relating to Traffic Devices, provides that it is unlawful for a driver to disobey or ignore a signal or sign erected to control traffic. This section of code does not apply to those addressed by CVC 22500, Stopping, Standing, and Parking.

Except railroad crossings, the fine for most of these violations is approximately $240 depending on the CA County, typically $238 in Kern County. CDL holders are subject to a 50% higher Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) point assessment by the DMV.

The DMV will notifies the FMCSA of the conviction, and possible CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) severity points get assessed.  If there was a similar conviction within the previous 6 months  multiply severity points by three. Multiply by two  for a second conviction within six to twelve months. CSA points are visible on the driver’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) record for three years. Acquiring a better-paying job with another fleet is much more difficult.

Avoiding a Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device Ticket

Be fully-alert and try not to drive if fatigued. Driving fatigued or ill ticket violation carries a severity of ten for the driver or trucking fleet. Pull over and take a nap.

Failing to obey a railroad crossing control device is a serious offense for CDL holders  according to the FMCSA. A first-time conviction of failure to obey a traffic control device at a railroad crossing gets you a 60-day driving disqualification with no second chance warning like the other FMCSA serious offenses.

  • Failure to yield at a yield sign
  • Encroaching on a sidewalk
  • Ignoring flashing lights
  • Ignoring portable or temporary signs
  • Infractions related to railroad crossings
  • Making an illegal U-turn
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Speeding

There is a process for fighting a failure to obey a traffic control device ticket. For example, was the traffic control device clearly visible or obscured by trees, trucks or even snowfall in some areas?  When the officer issued the ticket, did he clearly instruct and show you the exact traffic control device you failed to obey? TicketWarrior examines all defenses to traffic violations and that’s why we are the best traffic attorney to hire.

Red light camera tickets can cost $490 or more in court fines plus sky high insurance costs for the point assigned to your driving record. It makes sense to hire a lawyer for your Red-Light Ticket Defense and the best traffic attorney to fight a red-light camera ticket for a dismissal. A good traffic violations attorney can beat these tickets based on the bad quality of the driver photo or raise a defense based on an improperly set yellow light interval catching vehicles too soon before the yellow light changes to red. By law, the yellow light interval in intersections must be set according to the speed limit controlling the intersection. The top traffic lawyers look for noncompliance such as missing notices, equipment calibrations, and other documentations required by law for intersectional red-light camera enforcement. At TicketWarrior your lawyer will pull out all the stops and provide you with a thorough defense.

We Can and Often Do Win Cell Phone Tickets. Should you hire a lawyer to defend you on a cell phone use citation? While the DMV does not assign points to cell phone violations, these citations should be contested and hiring a good cell phone ticket lawyer makes sense. Many drivers can lose their jobs over misuse of a cell phone especially if they operate a company-owned vehicle. Many major companies treat a cell phone ticket the same as a DUI charge because of safety issues. Also, the fines increase drastically if you have prior convictions of illegal cell phone use in a vehicle.

An experienced cell phone ticket lawyer can mount an aggressive defense in many cell phone ticket cases. Traffic officers at times write notes on the back of the ticket they issue, which can help the driver in court and the failure to write notes may create a defense. If you were making an emergency call or operating an emergency vehicle, a top rate cell phone ticket lawyer can use these facts to your advantage. An officer may improperly issue citations to motorists driving on private property or you were using another device such as a GPS instrument. Under the new California cell phone law, you can be issued a citation is you were holding or operating an electronic device other than a cell phone, such as instruments commonly used by delivery drivers to record their deliveries and other activity.

The experienced cell phone ticket attorneys at TicketWarrior often win cellphone tickets because the ticket was "unfair." The traffic court will often dismiss cell phone tickets if the officer misinterprets the new cell phone law. A good cell phone ticket attorney can spot this weakness to have the court to dismiss the cell phone ticket.

If you have a cell phone ticket, consult one of our cell phone ticket lawyers to discover a defense you may have.

Driving solo in one of these lanes can expose you to one of the highest fines imposed in traffic court under Vehicle Code 21655.5 (b). If a driver crosses double yellow lines when entering or leaving an HOV lane, an additional charge can be issued carrying a point. To be empowered to challenge the risk of points and high fines, consult with TicketWarrior*and hire an experienced *HOV Carpool Lane violation attorney today. Many convictions can be avoided by a thorough understanding of the driver-issued equipment in metropolitan cities such Metro Express Lanes.

Being cited for failure to provide proof of financial responsibility under Vehicle Code 16028(a) is a common violation but carries expensive fines. If the driver did not have proof of auto insurance in effect on the date of the violation, the traffic court can be very harsh and unforgiving. Hiring the right insurance card lawyer is important because many drivers did not own the vehicle in question or sold the vehicle making it impossible to submit proof of insurance to the court to avoid the high fines. An experienced insurance card attorney can propose less costly solutions to the traffic court that will save you money.

There is a standard that the federal government has in a document called “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” or MUTCD. It is the standard for all traffic signals, signs, road markings, and related traffic control devices. The best traffic ticket lawyers near you take advantage of these standards in traffic ticket defense. All states have to use the standards set forth in MUTCD or have their own state version that’s very similar. If the state does not comply with the standards as set forth, their noncompliants can be used in defending traffic cases.

In a red-light camera ticket, the camera must be justified and documented before it can be installed and used. If this was not done the camera ticket cannot be enforced and should be dismissed. If the traffic court doesn’t dismiss the citation because of non- conformance of the applicable standards, if it is appealed to a higher court it most probably will get dismissed.

In speeding ticket cases a dismissal can be obtained if the signs aren’t posted at the proper height, the correct distance from the road or are not clearly visible. If signs are missing, not properly installed, hidden or not conforming to the federal or similar state standards then the traffic ticket lawyer near me or you should get the case dismissed. TicketWarrior uses MUTCD and state guidelines in defending traffic citations and to our client’s advantage. If the guideline language has the word “shall” written in it, for example it says “the sign shall be posted at a certain height” the word shall have the effect of law and must followed to the letter. If not, the best traffic ticket attorney should get the case dismissed.

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