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Saving Drivers One Ticket at a Time

Don’t pay that citation. You don't go to court.
Let TicketWarrior:

  • Keep points from your driving record
  • Save your job, save you money, and keep your freedom
  • Keep insurance rates affordable
  • Save time, stay out of court and avoid embarrassment

For over 20 years...

TicketWarrior Traffic Ticket Attorneys and Speeding Ticket Lawyers who Fight all Traffic matters.  We have successfully defended thousands of traffic offenses throughout the nation with a success rate of 91%. With TicketWarrior chances in every case are very high for a successful result such as:

  • Complete dismissal
  • Not guilty verdict
  • No points
  • No fine
  • Reduced charges
  • No insurance increases
  • No license suspension

TicketWarrior is in the business of saving drivers one ticket at a time.

We Defend

  • CDL Tickets
  • Traffic tickets
  • DUI DWI charges
  • Speeding tickets
  • Red light cameras
  • Suspended licenses
  • Failure to appear in court (FTA’s)
  • DMV actions against drivers
  • Speeding Over 100 mph
  • Reckless driving
  • Misdemeanor violations
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
  • Red Lights & Stop Signs
  • Illegal Turns
  • Logbook Issues
  • Equipment Issues
  • All other traffic violation

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TicketWarrior is aggressive, relentless, and most experienced in fighting traffic matters in every U.S. court.

Every case receives our best individual attention and we treat your case as if it is our most important case. We keep you informed all the way. If you care about the outcome of your traffic matter, rest assured that TicketWarrior can help because “We Save Drivers One Ticket at a Time”

TicketWarrior specializes in defending all traffic cases in 48 states. Commercial, truck drivers and non-commercial drivers alike bring us their speeding tickets, red light violations, and serious cases such as reckless driving and DUI charges. TicketWarrior prevents license suspensions and works hard to reinstate suspended licenses. If you failed to appear in court or are cited for driving over 100 mph, contact us.

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