Let a Seasoned Attorney Defend You on a Cell Phone Use Citation

We Can and Often Do Win Cell Phone Tickets. Should you hire a lawyer to defend you on a cell phone use citation? While the DMV does not assign points to cell phone violations, these citations should be contested and hiring a good cell phone ticket lawyer makes sense. Many drivers can lose their jobs over misuse of a cell phone especially if they operate a company-owned vehicle. Many major companies treat a cell phone ticket the same as a DUI charge because of safety issues. Also, the fines increase drastically if you have prior convictions of illegal cell phone use in a vehicle.

An experienced cell phone ticket lawyer can mount an aggressive defense in many cell phone ticket cases. Traffic officers at times write notes on the back of the ticket they issue, which can help the driver in court and the failure to write notes may create a defense. If you were making an emergency call or operating an emergency vehicle, a top rate cell phone ticket lawyer can use these facts to your advantage. An officer may improperly issue citations to motorists driving on private property or you were using another device such as a GPS instrument. Under the new California cell phone law, you can be issued a citation is you were holding or operating an electronic device other than a cell phone, such as instruments commonly used by delivery drivers to record their deliveries and other activity.

The experienced cell phone ticket attorneys at TicketWarrior often win cellphone tickets because the ticket was "unfair." The traffic court will often dismiss cell phone tickets if the officer misinterprets the new cell phone law. A good cell phone ticket attorney can spot this weakness to have the court to dismiss the cell phone ticket.

If you have a cell phone ticket, consult one of our cell phone ticket lawyers to discover a defense you may have.