Driving Over 100 mph

What you will pay for driving over 100 mph ticket is horrendous and the CHP is ramping up enforcement for these violations.

Recently the California Highway Patrol received funding through a federal grant to apprehend motorists driving over 100 mph. Between 04/01/2020 and 09/30/2021 they issued 44,500 citations for a violation under Vehicle Code § 22348B. Most being issued to north and south bound traffic on Interstate 5 in Central California.

A speeding ticket in California can be very costly for those found guilty. Exceeding 100 miles per hour is a quite serious matter and will affect your future. The fines, license suspensions, points, increased insurance premiums, and court appearances are things to be concerned with. Without an attorney representing your interest, a conviction under Vehicle Code § 22348B could have lasting effects.

If you go to court without an attorney on this type of ticket, many judges’ attitude toward you are a bit bias. Some believe you don't care about your case or the difficult situation you've placed yourself in. Your driver’s license is likely to be suspended for 30 days on top of the whopping fine.

At times boredom, fatigue, and the herd effect make you more vulnerable for this type of citation. The herd effect is seeing other drivers passing you at 90 mph. Here at TicketWarrior we have an excellent reputation in Kern, Tulare, Los Angeles, and Fresno County courts.

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Penalties for those cited for Vehicle Code § 22348B are brutal, serious and the consequences are very real because: Two points remain on your driving record for 7 years. The conviction itself remains on your record indefinitely, unless purged by DMV. Insurance premiums may triple. A 30-day driver’s license suspension is likely to be imposed. The fines range between $500 and $2500 depending on how gracious the judge may be.

Speeding Laws in California

The laws regarding speeding in California are strict. If you are given a speeding ticket on the highway at more than 100 miles per hour this is an infraction with all the following possible consequences:

1) Your first conviction is punishable by a fine up to $500.00 (normally $899 to $1000 with assessments). Your license can be suspended for up to 30 days.

2) If your conviction occurs within a three-year period from your last offense, it is punishable by a fine up to $750.00 (without assessments). The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will suspend your license for 6 months.

3) If your conviction is within a five-year period in which you had two or more convictions it is punishable by a fine up to $1000.00. The DMV will suspend your license.

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Getting Help from TicketWarrior

Many aspects of cases are analyzed to help the defense. We speak with the police officer in a negotiating process for a different and or better offense. Certification and calibration records of the radar gun if used used, are reviewed. Officer's qualifications are issues also looked at to help discover any defense in a case. In California it's all about the money. And your money is well spent if you hire an attorney with a proven track record like those from TicketWarrior.

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