Reckless Driving

If you face charges of reckless driving, California Vehicle Code section 23103, you need a skilled criminal and traffic defense attorney because of steep fines, license suspension, two points assigned to your driving record (the same as a DUI conviction) and even jail time. With decades of experience, we can mount aggressive defenses against a reckless driving charge. As reckless driving attorneys we often challenge the prosecution’s case by raising a reasonable doubt that our client was the driver or that our client acted out of necessity to avoid a dangerous threat to his or her safety. Our track record shows courtroom victories where we successfully argued negligent driving is not the same as reckless driving.

California Vehicle Code 23109(a) makes it a misdemeanor to willfully participate in a speed contest. A “speed contest” is defined as a race of a person’s vehicle against another car, or against a clock. Depending on the circumstances, a defendant might be charged with both speed contests and reckless driving. These offenses require top notch reckless driving attorneys with experience in exhibition of speed cases. You can learn a lot more by calling our office and speak to a dedicated reckless driving attorney. You will profit from this phone consultation and learn your defense options