Red light camera tickets

lf you get "zapped" by a Red Light Camera Ticket, the fine can be almost $500. In addition the DMV will place points on your driving record. This causes increases in auto insurance and may even threaten your employment. We know all the angles of a solid camera ticket defense. Red light photo enforcement ticket lawyers from TicketWarrior have represented thousands of people with these tickets.

Our lawyers research every defense to protect your interest. In some cases the photos do not qualify as a match to the photo on your driver's license. The camera may not have been working properly. You may have a good reason for running ran the light. For example to avoid an accident. The duration of the yellow light may have been too short or you may not have been the driver.

You may be charged with different offenses when it comes to a photo enforcement ticket. Some charges may include:

  • A Red light camera ticket
  • Failing to stop at a broken traffic control signal
  • Failing to obey traffic signals ahead
  • Failing to yield left or right on red
  • Passing through a red arrow
  • Passing through a flashing red light

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In many cases we have demonstrated that the camera device was not working correctly on the day the citation was issued.

A knowledgeable red light ticket attorney will advise those cited and were not driving to not tell the police or court officials who the actual driver was. You are not required to inform the court of such. It is up to law enforcement to prove that you were the driver.

Likewise, it is required that an experienced LEO examine the still photos and video before mailing out the ticket. When the driver cannot be clearly identified in the images, the judge will more than likely drop the charges, particularly when represented by a traffic lawyer.

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