Keeping Your Driving Record Clean in San Francisco County

Traffic Ticket Defense in Bagdad by the Bay.

The late great newspaper columnist Herb Caen called San Francisco Bagdad by the Bay. More than anyone Herb captured the passion and gusto that is San Francisco and its people. Every once in a while someone gets a traffic ticket. No worries mate. Call TicketWarrior and your toes will still be tapping because more than 9 times out of 10 we will get the violation dismissed.

We are easy to retain and though we are not expensive, we are the best, with personalized service. We are not a ticket mill or a marketing giant looking to appeal to the masses. We strive to appeal to each person, one on one, according to what each needs and desires.

We aren’t like all the others because you are not like all the others. Each ticket is different. Each person charged with a traffic offense is different. Some are commercial drivers and some have jobs that depend on a clean driving record. Some people just like to keep a clean driving record.

A person’s driving record is a reflection of themselves. This reflection is important to them. That’s why they call us, because we understand this. There are no unimportant traffic tickets to us or to you because that is why you are here reading this.

You may never walk into our office but, when talk to one of the great lawyers here on the telephone you will feel comfortable and secure. The worry about that pesky ticket has just evaporated.

A Good Lawyer Makes You Feel Like Your Needs Are Being Met
A Great Lawyer Makes You Feel Like You Are Not In Need At All


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