Get Represented in Court for Traffic Violations in San Joaquin County

Fight Every Ticket- Because Every Point Costs You

San Joaquin County is a difficult place to have a ticket. The city and county are financially challenged. Because of short staffing the court is known for making people wishing to contest traffic tickets wait in line in the morning and then come back in the afternoon. The process can take all day. When confronted the waiting time on the phone and at court many people just give up. Don’t Give Up! Call TicketWarrior.

We get calls from drivers every day that let points build up on their DMV driving records. They tell us, “I can’t have 1 more point, I’ll lose my license and if I lose my license I’ll lose my job.” Well, we can still help these folks, but it would have been so much easier if they had called us when they got the first ticket.

If you missed the deadline for the ticket or a court date don’t delay. Call our office immediately. We often get failure to appear (FTA) dismissed, saving our clients thousands in fines. Often FTA is more serious than the traffic ticket itself.

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