Traffic Courts in Sonoma County

The Traffic Division of the Sonoma County Superior Court is located at the Hall of Justice, 600 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa CA 95403 has two courthouses and several highways traversing the county as listed below.  

Most traffic citations issued in Sonoma County come from speeding motorists traveling on U.S. Route 101, linking all of the county’s nine cities and towns. Another heavily patrolled highway is Highway 1 along the coast.  

Law Enforcement in partnership with the court waging a campaign to write speeding tickets and collect as much revenue as possible from drivers like you. The system is designed on the web and through U.S. mail to entrap the driver to cave in and pay the fine. Camera tickets in Santa Rosa are snapping photos all day and night long in intersections with short yellow lights. That’s where an experienced hard hitting traffic ticket lawyer is necessary to even the playing field.  

If you are a commercial driver you need an aggressive and knowledgeable advocate in court to prevent points on your record. Many state traffic cops are lurking on U.S. Route 101 and State Route 1 ready to write speeding and out-of-lane tickets.  

Avoid the need to go to traffic court in Santa Rosa or get frustrated by being placed on hold when you telephone the court. Call TicketWarrior with your citation in hand at (661) 322-5833.

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