Glenn County Traffic Court

Don’t let them push you around, intimidate you or get you all worked up because of a citation you received in Glenn County. Judges and courts are good at that unless you have a TicketWarrior on your side.  We are aggressive, relentless and dedicated to representing your best interest in every county in California.

By getting help to fight your Glenn County traffic ticket there’s a good chance you can avoid penalties, fines, and points on your driving record. Don’t forget that failure to appear in court charge. We can cure that in the speediest fashion.

Traffic Courts in Glenn County, California

There are two traffic courts in Glenn County, California.

  • Orland - located at 821 East South Street in the Orland Superior Court
  • Willows - Willows Superior Court at 526 West Sycamore Street

What To Do

Once you decide to fight your traffic citation, the contact TicketWarrior attorneys with extensive experience handling the exact type of charge you’re facing. At TicketWarrior  that means fighting reckless driving, speeding tickets, red light tickets, DUI offenses, log book violations, out of lane, and more.

We can help you locate witnesses to defend your side of matters. We review testimony, consider evidence, cross examine officers and file motions in traffic ticket court to dismiss. If authorities can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt – or fail to follow evidence procedure protocols – that your behavior was actually a crime, your case will be dismissed.

Trust TicketWarrior To Protect Your Record

Our 91% success rate gives motorists strong reasons to trust in our experience. Call (661) 322-5833 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

Glenn Courthouse

Glenn Court


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