Imperial County Traffic Court

Fight your Imperial traffic ticket instead of paying a fine. Hiring TicketWarrior can keep negative points off of your license and keep insurance companies from raising your rates. The key is to take action immediately. Commercial drivers are subject to weight inspection at two scales, one in Calexico and the other station located in Winterhaven

Imperial County courts have these locations:

  • El Centro Courthouse at 939 West Main Street in El Centro, California
  • Brawley Courthouse at 220 Main Street in Brawley, California

Don’t Fight Alone

At TicketWarrior our excellent team of attorneys have extensive experience fighting everything from DUIs to moving and non-moving violations successfully. Because we’re more than a paperwork handling service and actually offer legal representation, we can have your case dismissed if authorities don’t follow procedures to the letter or lack proper evidence.

With over 24 years of excellent service you can trust us to keep your driving record safe. Your speeding ticket lawyer or traffic ticket expert will take care of everything in traffic court, saving you time, expense, and the agony associated with your citation. Call us at (661) 322-5833.

Imperial Courthouse

Imperial Court

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