Traffic Courts in Kern County

A traffic ticket in Kern County there are seven different traffic court locations. Be sure to examine the location of the court at the bottom of your citation or at the top of the courtesy notice you receive in the mail. Here are the seven Kern County traffic court locations and addresses for your convenience:

Mojave: 1773 State Highway 58

Lamont: 12022 Main Street

Ridgecrest: 132 East Coso Avenue

Delano: 1122 Jefferson Street

Shafter: 325 Central Valley Highway
Bakersfield: 3131 Arrow Street

Kern River: 7046 Lake Isabella Boulevard

TicketWarrior appears in these courts daily. Each court has its own policies and procedures. Make sure you hire an attorney who is familiar with each court to avoid any surprises. We know the judges and their staffs as well as the officers who regularly appear in these courts. This experience will help your chances of winning a good result. Lamont is a high impact court for motorists driving north and south through Kern County on Interstate 5 and State Route 99, south of Bakersfield. Lamont is also a major court for commercial drivers driving north on Interstate 5. Traffic citations issued on SR 178,SR 58, SR14, and U.S. 395 will go to the courts in Mojave and Ridgecrest. Highway 46, Highway 99 north of Bakersfield, and Interstate 5 north of Bakersfield are usually handled in the Shafter Branch. 

Some citations require a mandatory appearance by the driver. Remember, if you are represented by Ticket Warrior, we can waive your appearance and the attorney will appear for you in most cases.  Call us right now at (661) 322-5833

Kern Courthouse

Kern Court

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