Representing You After a Traffic Violation in Kings County

Kings County has three Court Districts.  Unless you live in Kings County all of the courts are probably far away from you.  If you are charged with driving over 100 miles per hour, driving on a suspended license, or without a license,  you or your attorney are going have to appear in one of the courts below.  Of course, if you don’t appear the court will quickly issue a warrant for your arrest or put a hold on your driver’s license. After a certain period time passes that hold morphs into a full blown driver’s license suspension. Often we get the Failure to Appear (FTA) dismissed after expertly obtaining the quickest appearance date for that court.

At TicketWarrior we do cases in these courts and know how to proceed and prevent negative consequences. After all, we are the best traffic attorneys in Kings county. Contact TicketWarrior now to get what you deserve.

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