Traffic Courts in Modoc County

All traffic tickets issued in Modoc County are heard and handled at the Robert A. Barclay Justice Center located at 205 South East Street Alturas, CA 96101.

Much of Modoc County is federally owned land. If you commit a traffic offense, do not be surprised if you are contacted be a federal law enforcement officer. The county's official slogans include "The last best place" and "Where the West still lives".
Major highways
U.S. Route 395
State Route 139
State Route 299
If you hire an attorney you do not have to appear at an infraction offense hearing. Do not procrastinate and risk forfeiture of drivers license and the imposition of expensive fines and assessments. Call TicketWarrior (661) 322-5833 today for a no-obligation phone consultation before you commit to any plan of action.

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• Speeding ticket
• Running a red light
• Suspended license
• Reckless driving
• DUIs
• Log book
• Out of lane
• Over 100 mph
• Passing weigh station
• Or any other traffic violation

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