Traffic Court in Monterey County

Monterey County Superior Court has consolidated all of its traffic court operations at the Marina Courthouse.

Courthouse: 3180 Del Monte Blvd., Marina, CA 93933
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2010, Marina, CA 93933


Major highways
U.S. Route 101
State Route 1
State Route 68

State Route 146
State Route 156
State Route 183
State Route 198

Red Light Camera Tickets

Monterey County has several intersection cameras and several citations are issued every day involving motorists who “run a red light” or fail to stop at a red light when making a right turn. There are many defenses to this offense and if you have a red light camera ticket pending in Monterey County, be sure to call TicketWarrior for a no-cost phone consultation. You will be surprised to learn that your ticket may be defensible. Many drivers needlessly pay the fine for these tickets and suffer from insurance rate increases when the ticket could have been dismissed or reduce to a non-moving violation.

Tickets in Limbo or Subject to Failure to Appear Penalties Due to Pandemic

When traffic court operations were suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19 concerns, many traffic tickets were placed in suspense. Some tickets were given new due dates and others remain in “limbo.” If you are uncertain as to what happened to your citation between March and August of 2020, just call TicketWarrior and we can recommend a course of action to avoid failure to appear sanctions.  If you hire TicketWarrior to defend your citation, you do not have to appear in court.

If you have been cited to appear at the Marina courthouse for a traffic citation, don’t wait – call TicketWarrior immediately for your phone consultation – (661) 322-5833

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