Defense for Traffic Violations in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino Traffic Defense Attorneys

San Bernardino is the largest county in the USA with 20,105 square miles. It was settled in 1853 and is now home to 2 million people. There is lots of open highway and it has one of the states busiest corridors in Interstate 15.

Barstow Court is on Interstate, located on one main route to Las Vegas. Lots of folks get speeding tickets and just pay the fine because it is too far and too inconvenient to appear in court. That makes it hard for them to fight their ticket. If a speeding ticket is for over 100 mph an appearance by the defendant or their attorney is mandatory.

Never give up and just eat the points because you think an attorney is too expensive. We are affordable, save you money and help protect your job and drivers license. In San Bernardino County you have Barstow District, Fontana District, and Joshua Tree District courts. We serve them all with the fire and passion you deserve.

Don't tackle representing yourself when TicketWarrior has a proven record in these courts. With over 20 years fighting traffic violations in California, you can count on TicketWarrior. Call us today (661) 322-5833.

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