Traffic Courts in Stanislaus County

The Traffic Division of the Stanislaus County Superior Court is located at 2260 Floyd Avenue Modesto, CA 95355. Whether you are a commercial or non-commercial driver, you have to navigate your response before the due date through a maze of telephone calls and online inquiries designed to trap you into paying the bail or fine leading to a conviction that will cost you more money through insurance premium hikes and possible loss of employment or employment opportunities over the next three to ten years. Traffic Court procedures and rules are constantly changing due to the court’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many ticketed drivers are subjected to computer and technological requirements adding more stress.  

Because the greater Modesto area is a bedroom community for the east part of San Francisco Bay, commuters are constantly cited going to and from their places of employment. Commercial drivers are also targeted along these routes, particularly Interstate 5. TicketWarrior can provide the advantages of meaningful and credible defenses and know how to spot weakness in the cop’s case and most importantly, keep the court from violating your rights.  

Avoid having to go to court physically or waiting on hold. Hire the team at TicketWarrior to handle your case by calling (661) 322-5833 with your ticket in hand. You will be surprised when you hear all of your options and how affordable a first rate defense will cost no matter what violation you are charged with.

Stanislaus County Courthouse

Stanislaus County Court

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