Traffic Court in Sutter County

The Traffic Division of the Sutter County Superior Court is located at 1175 Civic Center Blvd Yuba City, CA 95993. Sutter County is not heavily populated and the next largest towns are Live Oak and Sutter. All of the state highways are patrolled by state traffic officers employed by the California Highway Patrol.

If you are a commercial driver, both the law and technology can be your best friend but it takes a lawyer with many years’ experience to put these tools to work for you. We know how the Sutter County Traffic Court operates and we can increase your chances of victory with this background. 

Major highways  

If you receive a traffic ticket in Sutter County, call the experts at TicketWarrior (661) 322-5833 and speak to a live, informative person not through an app or a bot. You can send us a copy of your citation to be reviewed by an experienced traffic ticket lawyer because we treat every citation on an individualized basis, not with a cookie cutter approach. All TicketWarrior clients receive personalized service. 

Sutter County Courthouse

Sutter County Court


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