Traffic Courts in Ventura County

Traffic tickets in Ventura County are processed and heard one of two courthouses: 

VENTURA HALL OF JUSTICE  800 South Victoria Avenue Ventura, California 93009 

SIMI VALLEY - EAST COUNTY COURTHOUSE  3855-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, California 93063

Ventura County has several major highways where motorists are cited by the California Highway Patrol and occasionally by a deputy of the Ventura County Sheriff. U.S. Route 101 produces the most tickets followed by State Routes 1, 126, and 150. The “101” can be congested at rush hour intervals and many speeding tickets are issued to motorists who are keeping up with the flow of traffic.  

 The traffic court in Ventura can be brutal for the inexperienced because the officers and the court take control. Only a traffic lawyer with lots of experience can penetrate the system by spotting weaknesses in the officer’s case and driving home defenses with convincing force. Don’t be intimidated and don’t let the system steamroll your citation to conviction. Hire the best at TicketWarrior.  

Check your citation and notices for the address of the courthouse where your ticket is pending and call TicketWarrior as soon as possible at (661) 322-5833. You’ll be glad you did.

Ventura County Courthouse

Ventura County Court

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