Traffic Courts in Yolo County

If you are ticketed in Yolo County, don’t be confused or bewildered about what to do. The clock is ticking and the sooner you employ a traffic ticket lawyer the better chance you will have beating the ticket. While the facts are fresh, call TicketWarrior at (661) 322-5833 with your ticket handy and explain what happened. There may be witnesses or physical evidence that need to be preserved to mount a meritorious defense. Because of advances in technology, drivers have more tools to defend a traffic citation. The traffic ticket lawyers at TicketWarrior know about these defenses.

Why call right now? Avoid the possibility of missing the due date and being charged with a misdemeanor failure to appear or even a suspended license in the future if the court places a hold on your driver’s license causing DMV to suspend your license.  

If you live far away from Woodland, California – the location of the traffic court, it makes sense to hire a lawyer from TicketWarrior so that you don’t have to travel to the courthouse from a remote area.  

Traffic tickets in Yolo County at the courthouse located at 1000 Main Street Woodland, CA 95695. Yolo County is part of the Greater Sacramento area and many major freeways and highways cover the county:

Major highways 

Yolo County Courthouse

Yolo County Court

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