Traffic Tickets

Human nature tells us to act responsibly. So when we are cited for a traffic violation, human instinct causes us to pay our bills on time and respect authority. When we find out the amount of the fine, our logic tells us to pay the fine and avoid time missed from work. But one state supreme court reported that over 20% of all radar based speeding tickets were based on invalid radar readings. Some Radar critics say that the percentage of invalid readings is closer to 35 % meaning that over 9 million invalid speeding citations are issued every year.

The lowest cost of a traffic case is the fine. But once points are assigned to a driving record, the motorist discovers the loss of hundreds of dollars with increased insurance premiums. Also, find their job is at risk, there is difficulty in getting the job they want. Points can even prevent you from renting a car. The courts, police and insurance companies keep you in the dark about defending your ticket with a lawyer because they know that those who fight their tickets with attorneys almost always get a better deal. If the case is not dismissed outright, most drivers represented by TicketWarrior the experienced traffic lawyer nearby, will pay a lower fine and avoid points on their record or get the case dismissed.