There is a standard that the federal government has in a document called “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” or MUTCD. It is the standard for all traffic signals, signs, road markings, and related traffic control devices. The best traffic ticket lawyers near you take advantage of these standards in traffic ticket defense. All states have to use the standards set forth in MUTCD or have their own state version that’s very similar. If the state does not comply with the standards as set forth, their noncompliants can be used in defending traffic cases.

In a red-light camera ticket, the camera must be justified and documented before it can be installed and used. If this was not done the camera ticket cannot be enforced and should be dismissed. If the traffic court doesn’t dismiss the citation because of non- conformance of the applicable standards, if it is appealed to a higher court it most probably will get dismissed.

In speeding ticket cases a dismissal can be obtained if the signs aren’t posted at the proper height, the correct distance from the road or are not clearly visible. If signs are missing, not properly installed, hidden or not conforming to the federal or similar state standards then the traffic ticket lawyer near me or you should get the case dismissed. TicketWarrior uses MUTCD and state guidelines in defending traffic citations and to our client’s advantage. If the guideline language has the word “shall” written in it, for example it says “the sign shall be posted at a certain height” the word shall have the effect of law and must followed to the letter. If not, the best traffic ticket attorney should get the case dismissed.