Top Representation for CDL Traffic Tickets

When you are a commercial driver, your driving record is more closely monitored than an everyday drivers’ record is. For those who have received CDL traffic tickets, your risk of losing your license increases. At TicketWarrior  we offer services for the unique needs of commercial drivers throughout the area. Our trucker defense lawyers understand the ticketing process, and we will fight on your behalf for any traffic offense.


Essential Services from a Trucker Defense Legal Team

If you are a commercial driver and you receive a traffic ticket, it is important to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. While many people believe that they can just pay the ticket, this decision will end up costing you over time. With the current point system, commercial drivers rack up points at 1 and 1/2 times the rate of a noncommercial driver.

Leave your truck driver traffic defense to the experienced attorneys at TicketWarrior. We handle CDL tickets every day in every court. With our services, you will save time and avoid going to court on your own. We understand the issues and know how important the stakes are to you. Speak with us today to protect your driving record and your job.

Common Commercial Driver Tickets

As a commercial driver, what can you expect while you are on the road? Driving a commercial vehicle has a number of regulations that are not expected of noncommercial vehicles. At TicketWarrior, we routinely handle these offenses:

  • VC22406(a): Exceeding 55 mph or Posted Speed
  • VC 22406.1: More than 15 mph above the Posted Speed Limit
  • VC22407: Downhill Speed
  • VC22348(c): Out of Lane
  • VC34506: Log Book Violations
  • VC23114: Spilling on the Highway
  • VC40610: Failure to Correct Equipment Violation
  • VC2803: Overweight

Request Our Commercial Driver Legal Services

Receive the service you need to protect your license and job when you work with us at TicketWarrior. Our legal team has extensive experience working with drivers throughout the nation. With our specialty services, you will have the representation you need to fight a number of common traffic offenses. Call to speak with us today to learn how we can help you with violations involving the following:

  • Log Book
  • Overweight
  • Equipment Violations
  • Over Length
  • Out of Lane
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