Aggressive Representation from a Traffic Defense Team

Being pulled over is scary and stressful for any driver. However, after you receive a ticket, you may find yourself shocked at how much a minor infraction can impact your life. Fight for your rights when you turn to us at TicketWarrior. Our traffic defense team works with drivers from all corners of the earth whether licensed or not who have been cited for traffic violations. No matter what your traffic offenses are, you can count on us to provide you with the top defense possible. We work hard to help you stay on the road.

Defense for Your Minor Traffic Offenses

Driving is a privilege, not a right. However, the government is fast to remove driver licenses due to minor infractions. If you are pulled over for an equipment violation or because you made an illegal turn, you face more than just a revoked license. Ticketed drivers receive points on their license, higher insurance rates, and a lengthy court process as punishment for their infractions.

Our traffic defense specialists are here to fight for you. We are available to assist with DMV hearings and tickets related to the following minor offenses:

  • CDL Traffic Tickets
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Missed Court or Failure to Appears (FTA's)
  • Failure to Pay Tickets
  • Suspended License
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Photo Red Light Camera Tickets
  • Stop Sign Tickets
  • Following Too Close
  • Illegal Turn Tickets
  • HOV & Carpool Lane Violations
  • Equipment Violations
  • Cell Phone Violations & Texting While Driving Tickets
  • No Driver License Citations
  • No Registration Tickets
  • No Insurance Card Tickets
  • Moving and Non-moving Violations

Traffic Violation Attorneys: On Your Side for Serious Offenses

In some situations, you may find yourself charged with a serious driving offense. Our team is available for major driving violtations, including the following:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Drunk Driving & Driving under the Influence of Drugs or Medication
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Exhibition of Speed
  • Speeds in Excess of 100 Mph

Use Our Reckless Driving Defense & Other Services

With the representation from TicketWarrior, you will receive the top service for your situation. We treat your case with the care and attention it deserves.

While we cannot guarantee a certain outcome for your case, we can boast to our clients an 92% success rate in our services.

Contact the traffic defense attorneys of TicketWarrior  whether you're located it California, New York or anywhere else. We provide defense for all your traffic matters.

TicketWarriorwas FANTASTIC in dealing with my speeding ticket! Theyknew exactly what strategy to take, explained the process and the options. Based on their strategy and plan of action, my case was dismissed entirely!Iwould definitely use TicketWarrioragain and would recommend themto others.


Class A Drivers RECOMENDED them. Theygot the whole case dismissed for me didn't need to show up or worry about it. Keep on trucking

Abraham F.

CDL driver

Got caught up for "speeding" in a semi truck... go figure. Called up ticket warrior a day later after getting quotes from other attorneysand was satisfied with the price. TicketWarriorhas a very matter of fact approach and theytook care of me from start to finish.Thanks you for representing me and keeping my License clean. I appreciate you being up front with me. While hopefully I won'tneed to use your services anytime soon you've earned a loyal customer, and I will absolutely refer people your way

Anthony C.

CDL driver

These people know their job. They dismissed my 2 point traffic violation. I was driving 114 mph on my way to Arizona from San Francisco. I was caught by CHP with his radar. Today thanks to TicketWarrior I have a clean driving record. Thank you again.

Frank F.

"Congratulations, your entire case has been dismissed! This means you will not receive any points, fines, your insurance premiums will not increase and this will NOT affect your driver's license." Thanks TicketWarrior!Very professional and knowledgeable. I called a few different lawyers and as soon as i talked to Joe at TicketWarrioron the phone I knew I'd be going with them. He was up front and very positive on what the outcome might be. Definitely recommend to anyone looking!

Abraham B.

Ireceived a ticket on my way back from LA to San Francisco. The officer got me going at 104 mph. Honestly, i am not sure but was trying to findan exit for the bathroom I called up a few lawyers i saw but no one sounded reasonable until i called TicketWarrior. Theiroffice was pleasant and professional. Immediately made me confidant in my case. A month and half later, my case was dismissed.Thank you so much.

Linda O.

I felt like Oj Simpson today when I got the good news that my ticket was dismissed. No point and no traffic school. TicketWarrioris my "Dream Team". Very friendly and caring, I recommend themfor any issues. Maybe next time CHP. Lol


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