Traffic Courthouse in Amador County

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t just pay the citation you sooner or later are bound to receive. Your driving record, insurance cost increases, sometimes lost employment opportunities among others are some reasons to hire the best traffic attorney like TicketWarrior to help.
We have a 20-years history of helping people like you fight and win their case at traffic ticket court. By winning we mean no fines or court fees or insurance rates increases. We are successful approximately 92% of the time when our services are used. We are the best lawyers with valuable experience in traffic citations.
We Do All Traffic Matters
Even if you are not facing large fines or other strong consequences for a DUI or reckless driving ticket, TicketWarrior may be of use. We serve any Amador traffic ticket.

• Speeding
• Fix it tickets
• Red light camera
• Reckless driving
• Suspended licenses

No matter what kind of traffic trouble you are having, we can help you. Our attorneys have been assisting drivers throughout California for more than 20 years. We are dependable, aggressive, and ready to go to court and fight for you to get a ruling of not guilty and keep points off of your record.
Got a Ticket? Call Us Now
The best time to call the TicketWarrior is right after you have received a ticket. Whether you are facing a reckless driving charge or just a speeding ticket, you will want to talk to us first.
Many clients pay less with our services than it would have cost to pay for their ticket. Let us help you save you money and protect your driving record. Contact us today at 1-661-322-5833 for a free consultation.

Amador Court

The Amador County Superior Court

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