Traffic Courts in Plumas County

If you are caught with a traffic ticket in Plumas County, call the experienced traffic ticket lawyers at TicketWarrior, (661) 322-5833. Remember, if you hire a lawyer, you don’t have to physically appear.

If you are cited for a traffic ticket in Plumas County, your case will be handled at the historic courthouse located at  520 Main St, Quincy, CA 95971. Like all traffic courts, Plumas County makes it convenient to just pay the fine online or through the reminder notices posing as bills or statements. 

Very few drivers know the principle that a traffic citation is NOT evidence of a violation of the Vehicle Code. That’s where TicketWarrior comes to your rescue. In order to be convicted of a traffic offense, that citation must be filled out correctly with all mandatory fields completed by the officer.  We know the legal requirements of how a traffic ticket should be presented in court and what is required for conviction. So, if you have a ticket in Plumas County, pick up your phone and arrange for a telephone consultation about your citation. Don’t give up and pay the fine without an expert reviewing your citation.  

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