Traffic Court in Sacramento County

All traffic citations are process and heard at one location for Sacramento County:  

Carol Miller Justice Center 301 Bicentennial Circle Sacramento, CA 95826

Did you know that the law can be your friend?  

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer at TicketWarrior means that every possible defense will be presented at your trial. For instance, many violations can be dismissed if the court finds that the officer did not fill in all mandatory spaces on the citation. Also, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can argue that your driving was caused by a mistake of fact. IF you are cited for crossing a yellow double line and the paint on the road surface is worn off making the double line difficult to see, this fact, if proven, may be grounds to dismiss the violation. Remember, a traffic citation by itself is not evidence. Many traffic cases are thrown out of court because the officer did not fill out the citation completely or correctly.

Major highways in Sacramento County 



 I-80 BL 

 US 50 

 SR 12 

 SR 16 

 SR 84 

 SR 99 

 SR 160 

You have nothing to lose by calling TicketWarrior 

You can receive valuable information just by calling our office if you have the citation ready to read from. There is no-obligation if you call and you will be well-informed as to what action to take and which options to exercise.

Sacramento County Courthouse

Sacramento County Court

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