Traffic Court San Benito County

If you incur a San Benito traffic ticket call the best traffic attorney in San Benito County. Failing to take action could result in a misdemeanor, a suspended driver’s license and or additional assessment fees. You should receive a courtesy notice from the court however, the court does not always send it to you. You will not be excused from taking action prior to the due date on the citation regardless if not notice was sent to you. Your options are to pay the fine or contest the citation in court. You contest the ticket by representing yourself or by hiring a speeding ticket attorney.

Fight Back

While you can represent yourself, TicketWarrior has the skills and experience to win your case. The burden of proof is always on the state to prove that you engaged in an illegal activity that resulted in the citation.

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With a success rate of over 92% defending California drivers in traffic court for over 24 years. Call us at (661) 322-5833.

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