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Santa Clara County is a diverse area with many different kinds of driving conditions. Much of the traffic is in the area of San Jose. These many different kinds of driving conditions make many situations to get traffic tickets. You have city traffic officers, county sheriffs, and CHP all trying to take a bite out of your wallet. And then there are the points. It is the points that really cause problems. Here are just a few:

  • Higher insurance rate for a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 10 years.
  • Loss of good driver discounts.
  • Some commercial drivers can lose their jobs.
  • A poor DMV record can hinder employment advancement.

If you are charged with driving over 100 miles per hour,(VC22348(b)) driving on a suspended license, (VC14601) or without a license (VC12500) you, or your attorney, are going have to appear in court. below.  Of course, if you don’t appear the court will quickly issue a warrant for your arrest or put a hold on your driver’s license. After a certain period time passes that hold morphs into a full-blown driver’s license suspension. Failure to appear (FTA), is a minor crime but will create a hold on your driver's license. Often we get the FTA dismissed as well. We also will appear at DMV hearings if the department takes an action against you. Call TicketWarrior for the best traffic attorney in Santa Clara County.


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