Traffic Courts in Sierra County

Sierra County Superior Court operates at the county courthouse located at 100 Courthouse Square Downieville, CA 95936 . You will only receive a “courtesy” notice if the address on your driver’s license is current and the officer does not make a mistake writing it down. The court makes it easy to plead guilty through the courtesy/reminder notices and its website. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer through TicketWarrior will be your only friend.

Remember that a citation standing alone is not evidence of a traffic offense. The State has the burden of proving each and every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. All speeding tickets are subject to error and there is no perfect, fault-free method of estimating the speed of a motor vehicle.

You should give careful thought to giving up and pleading guilty, especially if the offense carries points against your driving record. The amount of the fine is small in comparison to significant insurance rate hikes and denial of employment opportunities. When you have your citation handy, you should call TicketWarrior at (661) 322-5833 for a no obligation evaluation of your Sierra County ticket.

Major highways

Shasta County Courthouse

Shasta County Court

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